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Silent Basketball: Indoor Dribbling with Hush Handle Foam - Yellow, 7 Inch


🔇 Silent Basketball:

  • Perfect for honing your skills without disturbing others
  • Dribbles exceptionally well on carpets, hardwood, or any surface

🌟 Premium Quality Material:

  • Made of high-quality foam for comfort and durability
  • Super soft, elastic, and easy to grasp for children

🎨 Bright and Colorful Design:

  • Large and brightly colored elastic balls for enhanced visibility and enjoyment
  • Bounce higher than other balls, providing endless fun for children

🎁 Perfect for Parties and Gifts:

  • Ideal for hand-eye coordination and endless fun
  • Comes in various colors, semi-transparent, and perfect for gift bags, birthday parties, prizes, and more

✅ Premium Quality Assurance:

  • Consistent roundness, density, and bounce height for maximum value
  • Won't easily split, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment

📐 Product Specifications:

  • Size: 181818CM /
  • Includes: 1 basketball and 1 mesh bag

Experience the joy of basketball in complete silence with our Mute Ball Indoor Children's Silent Basketball Racket! 🏀🤫

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