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Pull Up Assistance Bands, Heavy Duty Resistance Band for Pull Up Assist, Adjustable Weight/Size with Fabric Feet/Knee Rest, Bands for Pull Up Assist for Strength Training, Patented Pull Up Assist Band


  • 【Pull up Assistance Bands Set】 It comes with 3 elastic bands, ideal for fitness pros & beginners. If you have a hard time getting chin-ups, you can try our pull up assist bands. Starting with 1 assist band, the pull-up band kit will allow you to gradually increase your strength until you can do a full pull-up entirely on your own.
  • 【Adjustable Length According to Body Height】Connect it to any pull-up bar, just adjust the length to match your height. Many people do a few pull-ups at one height and then switch to a different height, customize it to be a regular part of your workout and enjoy better workout results.
  • 【New Upgraded Multifunctional Accessories】The patented pull-up helper band set is equipped with adjustable straps, 3 elastic bands, and 2 sponge pad sling hanging. You can achieve the purpose of exercising the whole body according to different combinations.
  • 【Superb Craftsmanship】The metal steel buckle will be more stronger, durable, and safer. The cloth cover will slow down the oxidation speed of the latex tubes and protect our body from injury. The assistance adjustable steel buckle, which can adjust the length of the webbing, which is firmer and more durable.
  • 【Easy to Carry】The pull up assistance bands set include a quality compact pouch for travel with excellent portability. This set will quickly become an indispensable part of your life, help you reach your fitness, strength, and weight loss goals much faster, maintain your ideal weight and strength over time.
pull up assistance Product Description: Do more pull ups in less time. Rather than yourself with full weight pull ups, this new pull ups system lets you work up to full weight. Your body develops faster, builds strength much more quickly, and lets you skillfully accomplish many more pull ups. Features: ✅ The strong nylon rope can be easily adjusted to your body length for different workouts. ✅ Each elastic strap can support 60lbs weight and provides 75lbs assistance strength. ✅ Protection with the extra sleeves based on resistance tubes decrease the risk of injury. ✅ Upgraded fabric knee/feet rest support which is more comfortable and lightweight to carry for daily gym training. Easy to Use: 1. Fasten a nylon rope onto the pull up bar. 2. Adjust the length of rope to your body length. 3. Adjust the strength by adding or detach the elastic bands. 4. Start doing pull-ups by either standing or kneel on the sponge pad Sling hanging. Pull Up Assist Band Package Included: 3 x latex tubes 1 x adjustable straps 2 x sponge pad Sling hanging