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Leg Exercise Equipment Stovepipe Machine Magic Exercise Cardio Fitness Stepper Gym Trainer Workout Machine


  • 【FUNCTION】- The secret is in the 9-degree slope combined with the lateral gliding motion that uses gravity and your own body weight to target your inner and outer thighs buttocks, abs, hips and core muscles.
  • 【Collapsible Design】- Leg exercise equipment with a contraction rod, it is more convenient for you to use, save space. Foldable design makes it easy to carry and store, after folded, the trainer machine can be placed in any corner of home, it is very convenient. perfect for family.
  • 【Enjoyable Workout】- The Threggrow's lateral movement particularly targets the inner thighs, the outer glutes and all the core abdominal muscles, including the pelvic floor helping to ease symptoms of incontinence. It can be used anytime and anywhere and works for any age.
  • 【Low-Impact】- A low-impact, comfortable slide that works your inner thigh muscles well. This low-impact workout takes the weight off your knees, hips, and ankles while tightening your legs.
  • 【Pedal Design】- The bottom of the pedal is provided with a rolling wheel, which can make the legs move smoothly and not slow when exercising, and can effectively exercise the leg muscles.Just 60 seconds a day help the muscles used most in everyday life. No more going to intimidating gyms, it is a total-body workout machine that helps maintain balance, stability, and mobility.
Parameter: The Leg Exercise Machine offers unlimited exercises motions for a fun, fast and effective workout. It moves your body at all levels and you can feel the muscles you never felt before to give you a full cardio workout. Rated to handle up to 150KG weight,it is suitable for all ages & fitness levels, sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. With foldable design, it is easy to carry around and store. The Leg Exerciser magic is made of high quality steel construction with added comfort in the handle bars and pedals for a more enjoyable workout. Its unique low impact, comfortable glide, the Leg. Exerciser is proven to be more effective in exercising inner thigh muscles than walking. This low impact workout puts less strain on your knees, hips and ankles while tightening your legs. Want to work that inner thigh? No problem - feel it working immediately! It's time to get up and go with Leg Magic Exerciser !!! Condition: New Full size: 108 x 52 x 12 cm Folded size: 57 x 18 cm Weight: 6.3kg Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg Item included: 1pc of Beautiful Leg Machine