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Flowtime: Biosensing Meditation Headband - Brain Tracker for Neurofeedback Training at Home - Heart Rate, Breath, HRV, Stress, Flow, Alpha, Theta, Beta, Gamma Wave Breakdowns


  • Real-time Biofeedback Training Makes Meditation Easier: Built-in brainwave and heart rate sensors for accurate tracking and insights. Hear a sound that confirms your chosen state, whether it's flow, breath coherence, or alpha status.
  • - The Most Powerful Neurofeedback Device: Achieving your desired state has never been easier as 10 customizable metrics are available. You can fine-tune your training experience to suit your unique needs.
  • Guided Breath Training to Relax in 10s: Audio, visual, and vibration guidance to achieve breath coherence and balanced body-mind state.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive comprehensive reports after each session, including EEG, HRV, Breath, Stress, etc. and the option to write diaries and notes about your feelings. Track your monthly progress with personalized reports delivered to you on the first day of each month.
  • Progress Tracking: Every minute of practice is recorded and counted in the meditation ring, flow ring, and coherence ring. Set your goals and monitor the quality and duration of your sessions.
A headband that keeps a real-time track of your brainwaves and heart rate during meditation for a deeper understanding of your mind and body