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Chubby Buttons 2 - Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.2 Remote for iPhone & Android

$125.99 $145.99

  • Easy-Touch Remote – Never fumble w/ your phone or touch-sensitive earbuds again. The Chubby Buttons Bluetooth remote features big buttons to control your phone even when wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Launch Siri or Google Assistant, Answer Calls, Control Tunes – Compatible w/ all smartphones, music apps, headphones (wired & wireless) & bluetooth speakers. Launch your digital assistant, answer calls, control your tunes & take selfies remotely. Keep your CB up-to-date with the latest firmware using our new companion app.
  • Rugged, All-Weather Use – This smartphone remote is water resistant to make it tough enough to outlast snowy slopes, rain-soaked roads and steamy bathrooms, making it ideal for action sports or active lifestyles.
  • All-Season Battery Life – Lasts & lasts, this smartphone remote control helps save phone battery life in cold weather & keeps working through every ride, powder sesh, & rugged hiking adventure.
  • Wearable or Stickable Convenience – Wear it w/ our new one-size-fits-all armband over big winter coats or skinny forearms- it's fully adjustable! Or stick Chubby Button's nanosuction backing to stoves, showers, mirrors, car radios and more!
Back & better than ever, we're proud to present Chubby Buttons 2! Strap this remote to your arm or stick it to your motorcycle & control your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth! Keep your eyes up, gloves on & phone in your pocket. Works w/ all smartphones, music apps & headphones (wired & wireless). With Chubby Buttons 2, you can now... Launch Siri (on iPhone) Launch Google Assistant (on Android) Answer phone calls Control your music even better than w/ our last version. Take selfies remotely Our smartphones are always w/ us, taking on the steep & deep, riding the open road, hiking a new mountain range, or just working in the garage. But tiny headphone buttons, touch-sensitive earbuds & phone screens are a huge pain when you're rockin' gloves or wet hands. That’s why we created Chubby Buttons, the world’s 1st wearable & stickable Bluetooth remote that makes it easy to control your phone wirelessly, all w/out taking out your phone or removing your gloves in wet/freezing weather! This durable device is a perfect companion for every rugged adventure. W/ Chubby Buttons you’ll never again have to stop in your tracks to fumble w/ your headphones, earbuds or smartphone!Product Details: Wearable Bluetooth Remote Control Big buttons, easy to press w/ gloves or mittens All-season battery life Nanosuction backing sticks to flat surfaces like motorcycles, shower tiles, mirrors... Lightweight, durable, splash resistant Completely headphone & app compatible No downloads required Saves phone battery in cold weather Includes arm strap